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Just Ask Reeves Series, Book II

Just ask Reeves!

Dying without legitimate issue, the late Earl of Rochester set his butler extraordinaire, Reeves, to find his wild, illegitimate children and “civilize” them. Reeves must seek out the first o the earl’s arrogant sons, Captain Tristan Llevanth, a one-time pirate, and teach him how to be a gentleman.

A will of steel…

Tristan Llevanth gave up his free-wheeling life as a pirate to fight at Admiral Nelson’s side. Wounded, Tristan will never again sail the seas he loves. Life has not more challenges. Or so he thinks, until Reeves brings a certain outspoken lady into the captain’s uncultured household…

An iron-clad spirit…

Reeves believes Tristan needs a spark to relight the fires of his soul. And who better than the lovely Prudence Thistlewaite, the bane of the captain’s existence? Prudence wants nothing to do with her wickedly handsome, ill-tempered neighbor. Still, she cannot refuse the outlandish sum Reeves offers to smooth Tristan’s rough edges.

Can Prudence tame the rakish captain?

Or will Tristan gain what he most wishes, to become…

Her Master and Commander




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"Hawkins writes a fun-filled escapade as Prudence has her work cut out for her in bringing the irascible captain to heel." – Marilyn Rondeau, The Best Reviews

"This is a very typical Karen Hawkins romance. Which is good because that meant I was guaranteed to enjoy it." – With a Good Book

"Her Master and Commander is a delight… Watching Reeves work his magic is worth the price of the book, and more." – A Romance Review


“Captain Llevanth, you may release me now”

“I could,” Tristan agreed, noting how her hair shone in the light streaming from the windows. She was a trim piece, but rounded for all of that. He rather enjoyed the feel of her in his arms.

“Captain Llevanth!”

He raised his brows.

“You will release me at once, or –“

He waited.

“Or I’ll--“ Her expression went from outrage to irritation in the space of a half of a second.  “Put me down this instant!”

He was well aware that he should do as she asked. But she felt so damned good, warming his lap, her lily-fresh scent tickling his nose, that he simply could not. Could not put her down. Could not even loosen his hold, not for a thousand pounds and ten earldoms. “I will put you down when I want and not a second sooner.”

Her mouth dropped open, all prim astonishment. “I beg your pardon?”

Tristan couldn’t help himself; there was something irresistibly tempting about Mrs. Thistlewaite. “You may beg all you wish, sweetness. I won’t stop you.”

Her gaze narrowed. “Captain Llevanth, I will not be treated in such a –“

Tristan kissed her as it seemed the logical way to stop her ranting.  He was prepared for her anger, too.

What he was not prepared for was his own reaction to such a basic, simple touch.