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Editing . . . and editing . . . and editing . . . Did I mention I’ve been editing?

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

READER QUESTION: Karen, you mentioned on Facebook this week you were editing. Do you like editing or is writing more fun?

ANSWER: Right now, I’m editing the final draft of the first book of my Princes of Oxenburg series, which will be out August 2014. Some authors write slowly and carefully. For them, editing is a simple clean up: getting rid of passive voice, making sure no character is shrugging or smiling too often, looking for missing or misspelled words – that sort of thing.

That doesn’t work for me. I write forward in gloriously messy, hugely sweeping swatches, scribbling scene after scene as fast as I can imagine them, not always in order, either. I’ve never, EVER written ‘carefully.’ I can’t write while being ‘careful.’ ‘Careful’ stops my creativity, stifles my sense of humor, and doesn’t allow the characters in my mind enough room to breathe on their own.

When I write, I need to be unfettered and completely lost to the moment, and ‘careful’ is the opposite of that.

frustrated-writerFor me, editing is an amazingly frustrating process, but I still love every minute. The frustrating part is rereading and rereading and rereading, and tweaking and tweaking and tweaking, and adding and adding and adding, and subtracting and subtracting and subtracting – it’s slow, painstaking, and agonizing. But as onerous as it is, as many hours as it takes, I LOVE seeing those rough scenes slowly polished into something sparkly and beautiful and worth sharing. I feel so much satisfaction as I edit, that deep, soul-happy feeling that FINALLY, all is right with the world.

When you write something, do you write it as fast as you can, and then go back and edit it into shape? Or do you write slowly, carefully, so you have to do very little editing?

NOTE: My husband, Hot Cop, knows to never read over my shoulder when I’m writing. When he does, I screech and throw myself over the screen while yelling, “DON’T LOOK! IT’S NOT READY!” I don’t let anyone see my rough drafts, because they’re painfully rough and very, very drafty.

FROS (For Refreshment Only Sundays) gets KILT.

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

I get why so many women love kilts. It takes a well-built man to make a kilt look just right. But it’s just not the kilts (and what’s in them) that women love. The entire Celtic culture is amazing. It’s rich with romance, history, and creativity.

Creativity, you ask? Oh yes. Take the Hunterston Brooch, for example. Made of gold filigree, it combined Celtic and Anglo-Saxon styles. The brooch was made in the west Scotland (or perhaps Ireland – no one is sure) near 700 AD. Found in 1830 on the Hunterston Estate in Ayrshire, the piece is a highly accomplished casting of silver, richly mounted with gold, silver and amber decoration. Here’s a close up of the brooch:


Wow, hm? Just . . . wow. Add to this high level of artistry, a land populated with a rich history, atmospheric castles, a beautiful and lush countryside, and this:


I wonder what he’s thinking about? Hopefully he’s wondering how to win one of us.

What’s not to love about this time/place in history? Let’s take a look at another example of kilt excellence:


Oh yes. There’s something awesome about the Celtic tradition, especially those in kilts.

Happy FROS, my dears! I hope your week is filled with creative endeavors, beautiful scenery, and KILTS!!!

For Refreshment Only Sundays (FROS) is offering up a tasty dose of HOLIDAY CHEER!

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Hello, my fellow FROSians! And an extra hello to my fellow Goddess Bloggers; I’ve missed you guys!

I have to admit something . . . I’ve had trouble finding my Holiday Cheer this year. I thought I had a good case of it building before Thanksgiving (as one would expect), but between travel woes and the stress of a deadline, it never really bloomed into a full-fledged Holiday Cheer.

So when I started looking for this week’s FROS, I thought I’d look for something … holidayish. Fun. In the spirit. Which is how I found this:


Oh, how I laughed imagining Hot Cop wearing this. I’m going to ask him just to see his expression. If I can catch a pic, I’ll post it here.

Back to my search for Holiday Cheer. As nice as it is, a laugh isn’t a full-blown case of Holiday Cheer. It took a bit more to get me there. So after I found the above picture, I then stumbled on this treasure:


Not bad, not bad. As I looked at this picture, I caught myself humming “White Christmas,” which is a hint that perhaps — just PERHAPS — a little Holiday Cheer was starting to bloom.

So then I found THIS picture:


And suddenly, out on my mind’s lawn there arose such a clatter, my Holiday Cheer arose to see what was the mat—

Ok, I can’t write that. It’s too corny. But I have to say, that picture almost – ALMOST – gave me a solid case of Holiday Cheer. I was so close to donning my Christmas Sweater, pinning on my blinky Christmas tree brooch, and dancing to the dulcet tones of a Burl Ives Christmas when THIS showed up in my inbox from (of all people) my mom:

And that, my friends, did it. Since seeing that, I’ve been decorating the tree, making mulled wine and Christmas cookies, hanging tinsel, putting out festive candles, listening to the Christmas classic station … it HAPPENED, people. I found my Holiday Cheer.

I hope each and every one of you have found your Holiday Cheer, and if not, please feel free to watch the video, or – you can do as I did – google ‘sexy male Santa.’ You might be surprised at how much holiday cheer you might find out there!

Five awesome things about SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND:

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND is about a sea captain.

Not THAT kind of captain!


Oh sheesh, not that captain, EITHER!

No, I mean a REAL ship’s captain. A man’s man. One who swaggers when he walks because he’s master of all he surveys. A man like …

Now that's more like it!

Yes, THAT kind of captain!

I could write a hundred things that I think are cool about SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND, but then I’d have to tell you the entire plot and that seemed like overkill, so I’m just going to tell you five things that are awesome . . . today.

I might tell you five more tomorrow if the mood hits me. But we’ll hope I stop there. It would be sad not to want the book because the author (which would be me) squealed all of the book’s secrets on my own website.


So, without further ado – and showing considerable restraint – here are FIVE AWESOME THINGS ABOUT SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND :

5) The hero is William Hurst, a sea captain and the son of a vicar. He is neither duke, earl, viscount, nor prince. He’s a commoner, though a darn hunky, ripped, sexy commoner. SO sexy that Romantic Times Reviews gave William their K.I.S.S. Award and wrote, ““Who wouldn’t start a SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND just to have a man like Karen Hawkins’ wildly exciting sea captain William Hurst?”

So yeah. Take THAT you dukes and earls and princes! William Hurst is hot AND hunky!

4) My hero is really, really, reaaaally, REALLY good with his sword.

Just sayin’.

3) The heroine of SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND is Marcail Beauchamp, an accomplished actress. Actresses occupied a very interesting position in society in the Regency time. Nowadays, actors and actresses are not only accepted everywhere, but are treated like royalty themselves. But in the Regency era, actors and actresses were not yet fully accepted and were even shunned by segments of upper class society. My very talented heroine has to factor that sad fact into her life, which added many layers to who she is and why.

2) The next Hurst Amulet book, SEDUCED IN SCOTLAND, will be on shelves near you on October 18th, so you don’t have long to wait to find out what happens to Robert! You do, however, get to meet his heroine in SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND . . . and it’ll be very obvious he’s supposed to be with her!!!

1) Men with dark hair and blue eyes make me shiver. I hope William makes you shiver, too.

SCANDAL IN SCOTLAND is on a shelf near you!

Ok, I’m not going to tell you any more. Well, I *may* say a few things on my Facebook page. Come and visit me there if you get the chance and see what other things I may reveal. Who knows? If I say enough, you might not have to buy the book!